CRI Indoor Air Quality Program - Green Label Program

CRI Green Label Program for Carpet Cushion administered by Carpet Cushion Council

The Carpet Cushion Council is the administrator of The Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) Green Label (GL) program for cushion. Firms wishing to qualify products under the program complete and execute a CRI Green Label Participation Agreement provided by the Carpet Cushion Council and satisfy other pre-enrollment requirements.

Applicants submit product samples for testing of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs) and of three mandatory IVOCs (i.e. Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), Formaldehyde, 4-Phenylcyclohexene (4-PCH)), measured against prescribed limits after 24-hours under ASTM Method D 5116. Product testing is performed by an independent testing laboratory approved under the program.

Upon successful initial testing, a product label ID number (assigned by CRI) is issued to the applicant. The participant is permitted to use the CRI GL logo on the approved product category in conformity with the CRI label format. The label can be used in product literature, on hang tags and sample backs, etc. Use of the label is not allowed until the product meets the program criterion. All samples are collected using the CRI sample collection protocol and are assessed by the program approved laboratory.

Participants in the program are informed of the results of tests by means of a written report from the Carpet Cushion Council indicating whether the tested sample meets (or exceeds) the program limits. Where indicated, the participant is expected to make process or formulation changes to bring emissions of the approved product category into conformity with program limits. Compliance is demonstrated by testing in accordance with the CRI sample collection protocol as assessed by the program-approved laboratory.

Participation in the CRI Green Label program for cushion can include both members of the Carpet Cushion Council and non-members.

The CRI Green Label program for cushion will be discontinued as of January 1, 2017. Products will be evaluated for participation in the CRI Green Label Plus program for cushion.


Participants, Qualified Products, Product ID, Participant Contacts

American Fiber Cushion
Synthetic Fiber(Resinated or Coated) ID CC - 851008
Weitz, Jack
1-706-217-1900 (p)
1-706-217-1904 (fax)
Canadian Carpet and Cushion, Inc.
Rubber ID CC - 974115
Marchese, Ralph
905-836-4823 (p)
905-836-8504 (fax)
Carpenter Company
Bonded (Log & Peel): ID CC - 839414
Bonded (Continuous): ID CC - 902240
Pugh, Scott
Technical Director
1-804-233-0606 (p)
1-804-233-7741 (fax)
Dalton Foam Division of NCFI
Bonded (Log & Peel) ID CC - 902377
Black, Jeff
Assistant Plant Manager
1-800-241-8788 (p)
1-706-277-9409 (fax)
Domfoam International, Inc.
Bonded (Log & Peel) ID CC - 315252
Foti, Peter
Director Assurance de la Qualite
1-800-361-9205, X238
1-514-325-8120, X238
1-514-325-8633 (fax)
Dunlop Flooring
Bonded (Continuous) ID CC - 835920
Operations Manager
1-61-422-000 771 (cell)
1 61 2-9756-2127 (fax)
Dunlop Flooring Limited
Bonded (Log & Peel) ID CC - 835925
Brouwer, Robert
Managing Director
PO Box 45-074, 680 Rosebank Road
Auckland 0651 NEW ZEALAND
(64) 9905-2680 (p)
(64) 9905-2689 (fax)
Dura Undercushions
Rubber ID CC - 902245
Wilson, Michael
1-514-737-6561 (p)
1-514-342-7940 (fax)
Flexible Foam Products, Inc.
Bonded (Log & Peel) ID CC - 803840
Dailey, Mike
Production Manager
1-248-659-1552 (fax)
  Foam Solutions, Inc.
Rubber ID CC - 848805
Andrea Morris
Vice President & General Manager
1-905-475-0780, X251 (p)
1-905-475-0823 (fax)
  Future Foam, Inc
Bonded (Log & Peel) ID CC - 837215
Vitale, Marc
General Manager
1-800-733-8063, X333 (p)
1-608-831-4433 (p)
1-608-831-4315 (fax)
Prime ID CC - 974135
Bonded (Log & Peel) ID CC - 789123
Silvey, Bud
Plant Manager
510-357-2600 (p)
510-357-1642 (fax)
  Healthier Choice Flooring LLC
Mechanically Frothed ID CC - 842786
Poteet, Craig
1-706-226-8293 (fax)
  Interfloor Ltd
Rubber ID CC- 847858
Bonded ( Log & Peel ) ID CC - 309174
McGilvray, Chris
Development Chemist
  Leggett & Platt Company
Prime ID CC - 975130
Bonded (Log & Peel) ID CC - 976112
Bonded (Continuous ) ID CC - 970850
Synthetic (Resonated or Coated) ID CC - 880170
Rubber ID CC - 973417
Fink, John
Vice President of Operations
Carpet Cushion Division
1-817 626-6690
1-817 626-6699 (fax)
  Mohawk Industries, Inc.
Bonded (Log & Peel) ID CC - 525051
Lanser, Gary
Senior Vice President - Mohawk Flooring
1-860-489-3091 (fax)
  Vitafoam Products Canada, Ltd.
Bonded (Log & Peel) ID CC - 295360
Pendock, Steve
Sales Manager
1-416-630-6633 (p)
1-416-630-9921 (fax)