Founded in 1976, the Carpet Cushion Council provides carpet cushion manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and installers with information that helps them understand, sell and install separate carpet cushion. Council members include U.S. and Canadian manufacturers of prime polyurethane foam, bonded polyurethane, sponge rubber, natural fiber and synthetic fiber cushion. Cushion industry suppliers such as chemical producers and equipment suppliers also are members of the Council.

Among the Council's numerous services are:

Since its formation, the Carpet Cushion Council has worked closely with such organizations as the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop an accurate information base about cushion. Through its work with HUD, the Council verified that the original guidelines for residential cushion use, established in HUD UM72, work well in most instances. The two groups also worked together to create the industry's first guidelines for cushion use in commercial installations.

Today, the Carpet Cushion Council continues to research carpet cushion-related issues, including how different types of cushion perform, ways to further educate the industry on the use of quality cushion, and the availability of statistical information about cushion. This research has resulted in a growing database of information about carpet cushion, which the Council shares with the floor covering industry, and ultimately, consumers.

As the industry voice for information on carpet cushion, the Carpet Cushion Council provides an on-going communication plan to promote the benefits of separate carpet cushion and to promote visability.