Bonded Polyurethane – Cushion produced by grinding flexible polyurethane foam into small particles and binding them together with a chemical adhesive.

Compression Force Deflection – Measurement of polyurethane cushions load-bearing characteristics. The result shows the reaction to loading applied over time such as when a person stands on it.

Compression Resistance – Measurement of rubber cushion’s load-bearing characteristics. This indicates the product’s response to immediate loading such as that experienced when it is stepped upon.

Densified Polyurethane – Flexible polyurethane foam cushion having modified, elongated cells.

Flat Rubber – Natural or synthetic rubber cushion with a flat finished appearance on both sides.

Grafted Prime Polyurethane – Flexible polyurethane foam cushion formulated with added reinforcement for increased load-bearing.

Mechanically Frothed – Cushion of polyurethane chemicals and reinforcing filler frothed with air into the reacting mixture.

R Value – A measure of resistance to the flow of heat. Higher R values indicate a materials greater ability to insulate.
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Reinforced Froth – Open-celled rubber cushion reinforced with solid rubber particles (usually from recycled tires).

Reinforced Rubber Carpet Cushions – Are manufactured with an open cellular structure made from ground tire scrap rubber granules bonded with latex.

Resinated Recycled Textile Fiber – Needle-punched synthetic fibers recycled from textile processes.

Rippled Rubber – Natural or synthetic rubber cushion produced to give the appearance of bubbles on the surface and usually containing non-woven or paper scrim on the top side.

Rubberized Hair – Needle-punched felt of clean, sterilized natural fiber coated with skid-proof resin on top and bottom.

Rubberized Jute – Needle-punched felt of just fiber sealed on both sides with filled latex and embossed.

Synthetic Fibers – Non-woven needle-punched felt made principally of post industrial scrap synthetic carpet material with no outside additives.

Textured Rubber – Natural or synthetic rubber cushion produced with a fine textured appearance on the bottom and non-woven or paper backing on the top.